Live Stream

Online Video Broadcasting

Webcast your event LIVE on the internet and invite a global audience to virtually partake in the event. For example, Given the time demands and busy days in every one’s life today, Can you anticipate all your close family members, your companions or co-worker to fly from around the world to attend your family member’s marriage or a birthday? But they can be with your family on your occasion or activity, watching you, happy as you are, through our innovative technology and services!!

We strive to make every LIVE WEBCASTING EVENT in a professional manner giving you the real feel of the atmosphere when you see aagendum online from anywhere in the world combined with our professional Video & Audio. We provide you with customized solutions for covering events online and reach a worldwide audience.

Online Livetelecast

Imagine your own private TV station. A place from where you can telecast the most important event of your life… your wedding, to your family and friends across the world. Friends and relatives no longer need to miss all the events, excitement and conversation at a wedding mandapam even though they are miles away.

Now, they can share it all - with MS Live! Your private TV station is now a possibility. Thanks to MS Live Interactive Web TV, a new concept using Streaming media technologies. MS Live Interactive Web TV allows you to broadcast video over the Internet, which can be viewed by family and friends with access to the World Wide Web.

Features of Livewebcast

1,Password Protection:Share your wedding remembrance with your dear ones only. Key Protect selected pages or the entire website to keep your website away from outsider.

2, Visitor Record: Gives you to document your guest information.

3, Live Chat: Online Live Chat service for friends and family associates during the function on your customized website.

4, A personlized URL and Website for your Live Event (Ex: or

5, Designer guestbook for dear & near ones to send Text Greetings

6, We can Webcast Live video to your own website.

7, Invite your friends and family by sending online invites.

8, Our buffering telecommunication eliminates frozen frames and audio breaks.

9, Our technology allows continual streaming even on low Internet velocity.

10. Our technology allows continuous streaming even on low Internet speeds.

11, Our support staff is available 24/7.

Webcast / Streaming Media Consultancy

Planning to have a webcast/streaming setup of your own?

Mslive provides end-to-end aid in creating entire streaming setups for institutions that plan to use webcasting very frequently; right from dispense the technical know-how and training to sourcing the required material.

Video-on-Demand (VOD) / On-demand streaming

At times some people are unable to view a live webcast. For them and those who want to review a previous webcast, Mslive hosts videos on our servers. This can apply for events are not webcasted. They are captured, encrypted, hosted, and made accessible "on-demand"..

Video Hosting Services Mslive provides solutions to manage sharing of large databases of videos using a content management system. This can be used to share video libraries of the guild with access control to manage who sees what..



Webcasting is made possible by the use of streaming interactive media technologies. Normally, a file is played only after it has been fully loaded from the Web. In the case of MS Live Interactive Web TV, the streaming technologies grant for the file to be played while it is being downloaded so that there is barely any time lag in viewing.


Your event is recorded on site, transformed to digital format and uploaded to our web server in real time. Viewers can log on to the server via the Internet and view the event as it happens like a live television broadcast, your wedding functions go online as they happen for your family and companions to share and be a part of, wherever they are in the country or across the globe.


Interaction amongst guests, sponsors and mentors eases communication and allows composite messages to be put across easily. MSlive expertise in understanding interests of marketing executives coupled with viewing virtue of attendees helps deliver new and better leads for marketing.


A simulated live webcast is like a delayed telecast of an event that overcomes problems associated with having audiences in different time constraints. You can webcast the wedding ceremony, simulating live conditions, at a time suitable and convenient for your kindred and friends across the world.


We register your wedding functions for your family and friends so that they can view the broadcast at any time comfortable to them.MSlive offers the unique feature of a live commentary and discussion, lets family and friends across the world interact through chat while the wedding is happening.

We Provide Livetelecast to


Commercial Complex and shopping Malls.

Schools, Colleges, Library, Examination centre and Yoga centre

Site examine in Construction Places including Multi store building Projects and business unit projects

Hospitals, Pharmacies / medical Shops, Heath Clubs and Gym

Airports, Bus stands, Parking Places, Sub ways, Train stations, Traffic places and Museums

Temple, Church, Masjid and Prayer halls.

Resorts, colonies and vacation Homes

Resorts and Colonies

Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

Airports, Bus stands, Parking Places, Sub ways, Train stations, Traffic places and Museums

All types of Industries, Factories, Plants and Mills.