Billing Software Features

  • User sign-in system (Admin and Cashier)
  • It has four main namely Purchase, Sale, Report and Software Setting
  • User Restriction by Login
  • Administrator Login provide full access of Software and Settings
  • Custom-make report like Daily, Weekly, From Date and To Date.
  • Quick Re-order level Message when open Software and Custom Reorder level setting
  • Simply understandable sale, purchase Menu.
  • Edit / update the entered Product details like Product code, name, Quantity, Price and Tax and More
  • Download report as Excel Sheet
  • Automatically TAX update by our core programming
  • Search the Product details for Billed, Sold, Reorder and more
  • User Friendly Interface / All can use without any guide
  • Secured Data Maintenance via MD5 algorithm
  • Backup Database
  • Import Database (Product, Sold and All information)
  • Export Database (Sold, Purchase, Reorder)
  • Billing with shop name, Tax Number, Address and all of details
  • Company set the image, address, Tax Register Number, ISO Number, Phone Number, and mobileNumber
  • Sales processing on the stage temp delete the one product Option’s
  • Sales Bill Print with good look

GPawn Software Chennai

EPawn Software enabled for ‘Loan against Gold’ as a security. The software has very ease of access and offers several useful features that aid to maintain records of gold, payment tracking, loan foreclosure, Loan Installment Plan etc. The software also generates different types of reports that are useful for a gold loan using this software. It’s an easy to use software with a much set of process, messaging(sms alerts) and reporting features.

There is a comprehensive module for reports generated, which includes reports of gold loan opened, closed and expired, Pledge register, Stock Register, etc. Accounting module comprised Group Summary, Trial balance, Trial Balance Summary, Profit and Loss account, Balance Sheet etc.


  • One click Salary Processing and loan management.
  • Auto Loan Number generation with barcode
  • Manage Different Loan Schemes.
  • Manage loan officer, agent information, agent commission
  • Auto calculate loan amount based on pledged item’s valuation
  • Facility to add loan rejection note/remark, loan pending note.
  • Loan installment schedule
  • Loan installment schedule with payment details, late fee, processing fee, cheque return charges.
  • Instant Loan Aproval System.
  • Active loan, Rejected loan, Closed loan.

Pledged item Management :

  • Add Pledged item’s weight, qty and remarks, with each item market valuation.
  • Manage items through barcode facility
  • Gold Stock Master, Search items by item-code, by loan-no, collection date
  • Online Gold Rate RSS Feed, Daily update of market rate.

MIS Reports

  • Daily Gold Stock Movement Statements
  • Daily Branch wise open and close statement
  • Branch wise and consolidated receipt and payment statement
  • Subscriber wise loan payment registers.
  • Outstanding report Branch wise, Subscriber wise.
  • Subscribers Welcome letter, Agreement
  • Loan Statistics/Summary : Total Paid Amount, Remaining Principle Amount, Interest paid.

Accounting Module

  • Journal Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Payment voucher, Contra Voucher
  • Accounts, Accounts Ledger
  • Export to XML.
  • Bank Deposits

Accounting Reports

  • Cash in hand
  • Day book
  • Trial balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and loss statement


  • Send Intimation to Subscribers
  • Send SMS/Email to Subscriber
  • Communicate with different branch staff & management

Hotel Management System Chennai

It is a complete web-based Hotel Reservation System. It allows the property owners to configure business and manage the inventory. It allows setting up rooms, allocation, rates etc. The setup done here will be reflected in the Hotel Booking System from where the end users will do their bookings.

  • Enables setting up member and his businesses
  • Conferconsolidate for members to manipulate his business by setting different required entities
  • Confer interface to setup Room types, luxuries at room level and hotel level, room allocation, rates, stop sell, etc,.
  • Property owner can manage accommodation & bookings, setup rates & allocation for various room types, upload images, enter details of special deals/offers, setup various policies & much more
  • Confer data security, confidentiality and restricted access for the admin site
  • Members can setup various policies and also customize his webpage that will be reflected in booking interface

School Management System Chennai

Smart SMS for Schools & Colleges

We are one of the momentous software solution providers for Schools and Educational organizations. Our product GRAVITY Smart SMS is a collection of software programs unified with SMS to confer one unified software system for record storing in every division in the school. In order to develope a complete system of administrative software for the school we provide the elegant software solution. After identifying the exact need of the school, we work with them to develop significant versions that seamlessly meet the exact needs. Complete integration of Smart SMS with billing module reduces the workload of the school.

Text messaging can provide schools and colleges with an immediate, reliable and cost-effective method for contacting parents and students instantly. This system is to convey information in an extremely time sensitive manner.

SMART SMS can be used for:

  • Broadcast emergency alerts (school lockdowns),event notifications and class cancellations (rescheduling)
  • Alerting parents for delayed school buses and  local dangers, such as stalkers
  • Broadcasting snow day notifications
  • Broadcasting pupils Attendance Status and marks
  • Broadcasting Exam time table and results
  • Alerts of parents of fees dues and fees paid details

The way education is imparted today has changed greatly.SMART SMS is the most advanced text message information disbursal & marketing system available. With the power of today's mobile phones, you can revolutionize the way in which you broadcast with students and their families.

Modules Covered

  • School Admission Module
  • Hostel Admission Module
  • Transport Admission Module
  • Staff Admission Module
  • Student Attendance Module
  • Staff Attendance Module
  • Staff Performance Chart
  • Student History Panel
  • Student Performance Chart
  • Roll Number / Register Number Auto Generation
  • Fees Module with Billing Facility
  • Mark Entry Module
  • Class Time table Module
  • Staff Time Table
  • Staff Acting Time Table
  • Exam Time table Module
  • Promotion Chart
  • ID Card Generation
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Study Certificate
  • Mark Certificate
  • Bonofide Certificate
  • Contact Certificate
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Attendance Certificate
  • SMS Wizard for all above said modules
  • Dual way Communication (Auto - response)
  • User can generate various kinds of Reports